Sovit, one of the most active and dynamic companies in the production and installation of glass for boats for more than 30 years, is leader in a market where the influence of glass as a design element on board yachts and super yachts is becoming increasingly important. The company is based in Pietrasanta, a city known for the presence of great artists and successful sculptors, a few kilometers from Viareggio, Livorno and La Spezia the heart of Italian yacht industry.

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A careful choice of basic materials, accurate controls during every working phase and scrupulous hydraulic tests allow Sovit to offer its clients perfect products that exceed even the International Naval Registers’ requests. Sovit produces a large range of glass products, both for exteriors (glass windows for hulls, decks, superstructures, bridges...) and for interiors (lifts, stairways, walls, furniture).


Sovit produces a wide range of glass products. Its meticulous productive process carries out only reliable items capable of satisfying the higher security standards and national and international Classification Registers’ requests. The glass is tested in the factory for mechanical resistance, in the presence of supervisors from the Naval Registers.


Via della Breccia Violetta
Loc. Portone
55045 Pietrasanta (Lu)


Our offices are open from Monday to Friday
8:00 - 12:00 | 13:00 - 17:00


+39 0584 284557