Sovit is based in Pietrasanta, a town known for the presence of great artists and successful sculptors, a few kilometers from Viareggio, the nerve centre of the Tuscan yacht industry. The company, one of the most active and dynamic in the production and installation of glass for boat industry, has combined 20 years of experience in transforming glass with the know-how gained through more than 30 years of boatbuilding.

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The production process begins with a careful choice and control of high quality basic materials. During the whole process, several necessary intermediate controls take place, following the different treatments and phases. The process ends with a final quality control to grant that any geometric, mechanical, optical and aesthetic aspects are in line with specifications. According to the use it is destined to, glass is subject during the production process, to specific treatments that will ensure its resistance to temperature changes, wind and water pressure and corrosion.

Curved Frames

Glass can be modeled; it is, therefore, the ideal decorative material; moreover, layered tempered glass always provides the required safety standards. A gradual heating process makes flat glass moldable; the special male/female moulds in steel Sovit produces, allow to obtain any desired shape. Nowadays, research and development of products in high-technology glass are very important; that makes of Sovit a reference point for designers and yards who always have increasing needs.


Sovit produces a large range of glass. The company’s rigid production process in glass manufacturing, grants a reliable product that fulfills any safety standard and technical requirements. The glass is tested in the factory for mechanical resistance in the presence of supervisors from the Naval Registers.


Via della Breccia Violetta
Loc. Portone
55045 Pietrasanta (Lu)


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